Business Planning

Strategic planning defines a business direction and defines where to allocate resources. It involves

  • Setting goals
  • Determining the actions to achieve the goals; and
  • Defining what resources to use to implement the strategy.

We work with you and your team to develop the plan and give you the tools to continue on the journey. By working with key stakeholders of the business we drive your business engagement and ensure success.

Strategic planning for Small Business and Not for Profits is tailored to each business based on the business owner’s requirements.. Call us now to have a no obligation discussion on how we can assist your business planning process to drive positive outcomes.

A robust Operational plan based on dynamic budgets provides a roadmap for an organisation to measure the success of their business and identify areas that require attention. The Strategic plan provides the overview and direction; the Operational plan builds on the strategy to provide key stakeholders in the business benchmarks to measure their progress.

Many Small Businesses do not have the resources available to develop an Operational Plan. Juro Business Services utilises their skills to work alongside stakeholders and develop a feasible Operational Plan.

Forecasting is implemented through out the financial year to allow for future events and manage the business effectively allowing you to determine where you will end up.

The ability to create robust reporting and translating the financial accounts into meaningful information is the role of the Management Accountant. Small Business may choose not allocate their Human resources to other tasks and as a result choose to outsource the Management accounting function to Juro Business Services.

What is Management Accounting?
Management Accounting is the preparation of weekly or monthly reports for internal stakeholders such as Manager to drive the business. The reporting focuses on the identification, measurement, analysis and interpretation of financial information to non financial stakeholders to drive profitability and performance. The reporting is generally used by management to track performance of areas of the business.

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